My delima is this, Laptop with 3 possible drivers:
Win 98 - Full 3d acceleration, AGP support
WinNT - No AGP and Software 3d Support
Win2000 - Stable and like WinNT's, but signed for W2K

I have this game Delta Force 2 & 3, love it, couldn't play it on Win98, problem with multi-texturing, no problem in W2K. But again W2K not hardware accelleration.

Not much of a problem, except I want to run DF3, which requires Hardware support. The Virge MX+ is accelerated, so it should work, but the drivers do not support it.

To stop this story:
can I take the hardware support from Win98's drivers and put it in the Win2k's drivers, and have the best of both worlds? Or is this a pipe dream, and that is that.

The other solution suggested is a Dual boot, but the problem is not with Windows, but the drivers for each version.

Thanks for any help or registry tweaks or other words of encouragment.