It would be useful to start a little data base on these forums as to exactly what ram chips are on what video cards. Specifically, I'm interested in the GeForce2 MX, and I'll start it off. I got the eVGA MX (no TV out) from (Sunnytech, Inc), for $93. A review on PC911 said it had the 5.5ns ram, but it had Samsung 6ns. So far I've been able to overclock it to 200MHz core/200MHZ memory- ram heatsinks, no chip fan. 3DMarks=5367. This is on a KT7-RAID, Duron700@981 (9x109), BIOS maxed out. If enough people sent in their chip markings, overclocking results, and 3DMark scores, we could really get a good idea as to what cards are the real bargins, and what cards are crap. Here's my Samsung 6ns marking number.

Samsung 046
(the S after K4 may be a 5- I can't tell which)
Here's a link to the Samsung site showing the meanings of the markings. How about some MX owners supplying similar info on their MX cards, and starting other threads for other cards?


Duron700@981 (9x109)
1.7v core, 3.4v I/O
KT7-RAID, bios maxed out
5367 3DMarks
27-32C. cpu temps-normal
Ducted outside air to cpu fan operation
FOP32-1, YTech fan, arctic silver
eVGA GF2 mx@ 200/200MHz