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Thread: Who makes a good monitor at a decent price?........

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    Suit yourself, Dean-- but I've heard a lot of people talk about DEAD KDS monitors-- too many that I would ever consider owning one even if I thought they were ViewSonic's equal. I was going to bring it up, but Vince beat me to it.

    Also, the KDS's refresh rate at 1600x1200 and the fact that it may be able to support 1920x4400 doesn't mean squat as far as I'm concerned. For that matter, it could support 19200x44400 and that wouldn't mean anything either because that isn't a useful resolution on a 19" monitor. I see you decided to leave out the refresh comparison at a reasonable USABLE resolution like 1280x1024 where the ViewSonic has the better refresh rate of 90Hz.

    I don't think anyone would ever see the difference between 85 and 90Hz, but since you brought it up:
    Guess which resolution KDS recommends for use with that monitor? Yep, that's right! 1280x1024-- where it still has the same refresh (85Hz) that it has up there at that other resolution that won't be used by most people and incidentally where it loses to the ViewSonic's refresh rate.

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    I settled for the ViewSonic A75F, i have it hooked up now as i type, great picture(.25mm) and a great price, $289 minu $20 rebate plus i like the three year warranty. So far so good, very clear bright picture. My Sony MultiScan200sx will now be used with my MAC, i caught it in time, it still has some life in it and i use my MAC alot less now. Thanks for the help guys. Al

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    Originally posted by K6-III:
    Samsung makes great monitors for a great price. I personally have 2, the 700IFT and the 753DF. If you have a bit more to spend, consider the 19" flat faced Hitachi. It has a true .22 dot pitch and is the best monitor on the market.
    Hitachi may well make very nice monitors-- BUT THEY DO NOT have a "true" .22 dot pitch! True horizontal, yes. Truly no way to compare to a DIAGONAL measurement.

    A .22 HORIZONTAL dot pitch monitor is a "true" .26mm dot pitch usually.

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    Taken from the .ini


    It does 100hz @ 1280x1024 also been updated since those old specs........so there :P

    Oh sure viewsonic is the sheeeet,not......

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