what are your thoughts on RADEON video cards?
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Thread: what are your thoughts on RADEON video cards?

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    what are your thoughts on RADEON video cards?

    I give up. The voodoo 3's are too hard to find for my pc. Even the store that usually sells 3dfx stuff say that they don't have Voodoo 3s! So, I'm thinking Radeon video cards, because they said that they sell those too.

    so which Radeon card is good? I"m talking for pci slot, atleast 16megs memory, and if at all possible, under 100 dollars. If not, tell me which one is good anyways.

    I have
    k-6 2 450 mhz
    184 ram.

    remember, smoothness, color, stability, and 3d.

    which one RADEON is good??
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    According to ATI website, the only Radeon you can get in PCI is the 32MB SDR version. It is also the cheaper Radeon but I don't know if you can find one at 100$, and those PCI versions may be hard to find, but good luck anyway... those cards are nice

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    I've used Voodoo in the past (2 and 3), and when I went to buy one for my new system .. I found out that 3dFX was bought out and CompUSA and BestBuy had their shelves empty due to recalls.

    So, I went out and bought a ATI AiW Radeon. I love it so far .. no problems .. beautiful card (haven't used the video editing part of it yet).

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