your experience with 6.72 ???
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Thread: your experience with 6.72 ???

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    your experience with 6.72 ???

    Whats your experience the the detonator 6.72 drivers???? good or bad

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    -Abit KT7
    -2x128mb PC133Cas2
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    -Memorex CRW 2642 CDRW
    -ADSL512 (Nildram)
    Abit NF7-SV2.0
    3 X256 TwinMOS DDRPC3200
    Radeon 9800Pro
    Iiyame MST 1451 (19 inch)monitor
    -1X Dimond Max Plus 9 160Gig SATA
    -1x Dimond Max Plus 9 80gig
    -Liteon LTR52246s
    -Benq DW1640
    -ADSL2048 (Nildram

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    going to install them later so i will let u know then

    go to
    allways happy to help

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    Right now I'm using them with my cheap GeForce2 MX. For me they crash QuakeIII at the intro but if I get past that the game runs fine. Well actually that's a lie. It runs GREAT!!

    It has only crashed QuakeIII. All my other games kick ***. I wouldn't really recommend it unless you want the latest drivers for your card. The ones I originally had worked great but were not as fast as the new ones.

    If it ain't broke don't fix it. If yours are working fine and no crashes then stay but if you want the latest and greatest then do what you want and download them.

    Of course they may be great on your card. So far I have only used them on my (Cheap)GeForce2 MX card and not my Hercules 64mb GeForce2 Pro or CL Annihilator Pro.
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    SupremeFX II Mobo Audio (for time being)
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    3D Chipset put up this warning:
    Riva Station has put up a warning concerning the Detonator 6.72 driver. What is the warning about? Take a gander below:

    I received an email that the default startpage of the Internet Explorer is changed during the installation of the new leaked v6.72 drivers. It seems that this driver is manipulative, so you should not use this driver!! There are more and more faked or manipulative drivers out there during the past weeks. It seems some people out there have a pretty strange humor.

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    I donno'..... seems alright to me.

    dfilANPARTY ut 250gb a64 3200 @ 2.52 (280 ht x 9) 2 X 512 g.sKILL PC4000 gIGABYTE 6800 gt
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