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Thread: Samsung 900IFT

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    Samsung 900IFT

    Which one?

    KDS AV-195TF
    Samsung 900IFT
    Viewsonic PF790

    Anyone currently using this one of these?

    Please provide recommendations/opinions!


    Tyan Trinity 400, Rev. 4, BIOS 1.07
    FC-PGA 500E @ 700(5 X 140 @ 1.7V)
    MS 6905 Rev. 2 Master Slocket
    Global Win FKP-32
    128MB Micron PC140, Cas3 Turbo
    Elsa Gladiac 32MB GF2 GTS
    15.3GB DiamondMax +40, ATA66, 7200rpm HDD
    KDS AV-7T

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    900IFT hase great picture but to weak electornics for 19" monitor. It is same electonic like in 17" model 700IFT, and I think that horizintal freq. of only 96KHZ for 19" monitor is not enough.

    seek for monitor that hase 115 or higher maximum horizontal frequency.

    The worst system is not the one that has slowest QIII frame rate, but one that not works correctly.

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