Any help I will be grateful for thanx!

My system
Athlon 1100@1100
Windows 2000
256 RAM (Crucial)
Hercules 64MB Geforce 2 Pro
75 IMB Deskstar (45G)
Actiontec Call waiting internal PCI modem
MicroStar K7T Pro 2-A
Creative 5.1 live Gamer-X Sound Card
Microsoft Optical IntelliPoint Mouse
Sony G400 19'inch
Klipsch THX Promedia v.2-400 Speakers

Ok where do I start I'm running Windows 2000 with the Hercules 64 MB Geforce 2 Pro on my very first built computer. When I run any of my 2 games (Deus EX or UT) they start out really framey then lock up. In Deus Ex if somebody talkes to you it will pause then and lock. In either game the sound loops

This is what i've done i've installed and reinstalled hercules drivers version 5.32 and 6.34...........then went and installed Nvidias Denoimantor 3 drivers....nothing worked. Started trying things so i configured windows 2000 so everything had it's own IRQ.....since the basic installation of windows 2000 assigns your modem and soundcard two the same IRQ as your Video Card. Is there thing I can do???

thank you