I just installed this card into a k6-2 450 for my brother. a little disapointed rightnow though. i know the cpu is going to slow it down but games such as tony hawk2 and homeworld run no better than when it had tnt2 m64 in it! i downloaded the latest drivers from ati's site but i think something is wrong here. when windows boots up and enters desktop i get an error saying this is not the correct video card, or somethin like that. and then it hangs for about 2 minutes and then goes back to normal. i installed directx 8 just to see if that would help out. the only error that came up was when i tried to run the AGP texturing test. are there some bios settings that would make a difference? the drivers that came with the card say software release 104. i might just try to install these. any tweak tips? or any sites that might deal with this? thanks, Ben