hey guys,
just wondering....how overclockable is it???
and if I can get some extra out of it, what cooling? stock hsf???
or a blue orb???
no matter what i will be amking a card cooler...and it has stock ram sinks...any suggesstions...thanx

-P3 733 Cumine @ 825 (150fsb x 5.5 @ 1.72 v)
-Abit VA6 w/ VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipset
-Voodoo 4 4500 AGP @ 176 Mhz
-256Mb PC 133 SDRAM Cas 2
-Sound Blaster Live! 128
-10.2 gig Fijitsu @ 5400rpm
-52x Liteon CD-ROM
-4x4x24 Iomega ZipCD650 CDRW
-Sony CPD-E100 15" FD Trinitron Flat Screen