Instable computer: KA7-10, VIA KX133 + GeForce2 MX
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Thread: Instable computer: KA7-10, VIA KX133 + GeForce2 MX

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    Instable computer: KA7-10, VIA KX133 + GeForce2 MX

    My computer is instable. It reboots at random moments, i.e. in W98se, WME, but also in W2K, Linux and even outside any OS.
    How can this be, and what do I do to make it stable?
    // Specifications of my computer:

    - Abit KA7-100
    - AMD Athlon 550 (not overclocked)
    - VIA Apollo KX133 chipset
    - Creative GeForce2 MX
    - Creative SB Live! Player
    - 256 MB 133 SDRAM
    - InWin S500 High-End ATX
    - Matrox HD, Philips CD-ROM, Acer CD-writer, Dynalink modem, floppydrive

    // I already tried the following to make my system stable:

    - stripped the computer from unneccesary hardware components
    - changed memory
    - changed powersuply to 300 W

    - loaded BIOS Fail-Safe Defaults
    - disabled Video BIOS Shadow and C8000 to DFFFF Shadow
    - disabled Video RAM Cacheable
    - disabled AGP 4x mode
    - setted AGP Driving Control to Manual
    - played with AGP Driving Value
    - putted AGP Aperture Size to 128 (half of my memory)
    - disabled PCI/VGA Palette Snoop
    - enabled Assign IRQ For VGA

    [BlasterControl Tweak Centre]
    - changed Data Transfer Rate to 1x AGP
    - setted clockspeed to minimum (257 MHz)

    [Drivers in W2K and WME]
    - standard Creative drivers of GeForce2
    - NVIDIA TNT2-drivers v 6.31
    - agp2k510 (AGP filter driver)
    - official 4in1425(1)a (VIA Server Pack with INF-drivers, AGP-vxd etc.)
    - b\`eta 4in1428a

    I tried all changes above individual -> in alle cases my system was instable!
    I also tried many combinations and even all together -> in all cases my system was instable .

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    All the answers to your problems are at:-

    This is about the 295th time someone has posted about this problem.......check the archived threads before you post next time you muppet!!!!
    Athlon XP 3200+, TT Silent Boost (its rubbish as well as loud) Gigabyte nForce2 mobo (stable but lacks tweaking options), GF4 Ti4200 128mb, Lian-Li V2000

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