Hey guys,
Im sure you already read it....Which one?? I was looking at the Asus V6600 Geforce 256..beacsue it has tv out similar to the Asus V7100T 2 MX. Im also looking for good perfomance..i play games like UT, CS, Quake 3, and alot of racng and simultaion. I know the MX has the Geforce 2 instructions, but ive still heard its similar to the Voodoo 4 (which I have now...and dont like). If anyone could give me some info/suggestions on this. thanx

P.S. Is the Asus v6600 256 DDR or SDR??? I couldnt find out anywhere....thanx

-P3 733 Cumine @ 825 w/1.72 volts (150x5.5)
-Abit VA6 w/ VIa Apollo Pro 133A chipset
-Voodoo 4 4500 @ 176 Mhz
-256Mb PC 133 SDRAM
-Sound Blaster Live! 128
-10.2 gig Fijitsu @ 5400rpm
-52x Liteon CD-ROM
-4x4x24 Iomega ZipCD650 CDRW
-Sony CPD-E100 15" FD Trinitron Flat Screen