Hi all, I'm tring to use a computer with an old Diamond Viper V330 video card. Apparently they dont provide the VGA 14x8 font so it has to be software emulated if you run any old DOS stuff that needs it.
The file is VGA8x14.com and is supposed to be on the driver CD but I don't have it (the cd). I cant find the file anywhere on the net either.

It is probably only a very small file and is prabably on many a driver CD. If you have it could you please email it to me at


<From Diamonds FAQ> Getting unreadable text with older games and my Diamond Video card?
More than likely this is caused because older DOS games such as SIM CITY 2000 use 8x14 text font, Diamond supplies a TSR utility called VGA8x14.COM, by running this utility before running the game.