Which driver to get...Detonator 2 or 3
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Thread: Which driver to get...Detonator 2 or 3

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    Which driver to get...Detonator 2 or 3

    Ive used my gladiac gts on my low end p2 350 for about 4 days now and im pretty satisfied with the framrates im getting given my system. I also just gave 3dmark2000 a whirl and got a score of a little below 3000. I think that that is about what i expected but I would like to get it as high as it could go without overcloking my cpu or video card. I know about my only option is to update the drivers. So should i get detonator 2 or 3. Which would work better with my computer or does it matter. Could someone also give me a link to a download site.

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    Det 3 gives a boost for the GTS cards, though whether you'll notice this with your current cpu, I dunno!!

    Nvidia Det3: (6.31) http://www.nvidia.com/products.nsf/h...etonator3.html

    All Other Beta drivers etc: http://www.3dchipset.com/beta/nvidia/list.html

    A lot of people are getting good results from 6.49

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    I'd go with the detenator 3's because of your gts. Also..make sure you get the right ones. i hear people are high on the 6.49 det 3's

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    What about the 7.17? Are they good or bad?

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    avoid the 7.17's like the plague. Go with either the 6.31's (current official detonators) or the 6.49's.

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    Would this still apply for SS7???

    I have heard that the 5.33's are the best for that, but I'm not sure if they support TwinView.

    BTW, I've got the Leadtek Winfast Geforce2 MX DH Pro. I'm now trying to run dual monitors on the 6.27 detonators. The card has both dual vga outputs and s-video out. The card automatically defaults to s-video out when I enable twinview and the second display. How would I go about choosing vga???

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