I am a 19 year old student, and i am interested in Video Editing. I was wondering what would be a nice option for low end editing.
I have an 8mm camera that i have had for about eight years but it still does the trick. It is a sharp viewcam (you know the wayne Gretzky one), and i have yet to get into any sort of video editing.
Right now, I am not able to afford a digital camera and all the extra equiptment for the editing. However, i feel that in the future i would like to move into that direction.
I am wondering if there is a way for me to get into the video editing now with my 8mm camera, and begin editing now. But in the future when I want to move to Digital, I don't want to have to revamp all my editing equiptment and software.
SO... my question is... Is there a Video Capture card that i can use now...and still be able to use it for Digital editing?
Thank you for reading my long superfluous post.
please email me ajgirardi@anderson.edu if you can help me out!
thanks again.