Help me my Geforce2 gts 32mb DDR performs like CRAP
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Thread: Help me my Geforce2 gts 32mb DDR performs like CRAP

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    Help me my Geforce2 gts 32mb DDR performs like CRAP

    Well first off I would like to say win2k has very little to do with it but not much, because my voodoo3 3000 I replaced got 3320 in 3dmark, so why in a geforce2 gts 32mb only getting 3500? Well I tried all the detonator, including the 7.xx and nothing helped. I then installed directx8 and it improved, and the best match with directx8 was the 7.04 driver. I think i then hit 3750 with that. Why the hell am I scoring SO low??? Its a creative labs card, is it defective? ALso I know i have the old bios 2.15xxxx
    IF I FLASH IT WITH THE NEWER ONE, could that help??? where can I get that bios?

    also here are my system specs
    [email protected]
    Creative labs geforce2 gts 32mb ddr
    abit be6-II
    30gig IBM 75gxp
    256mb ram
    sblive platinum

    PLease help me

    What are you standing there for??? Overclock that ****!!!!!!
    What are you standing there for??? Overclock that ****!!!!!!

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    First of all, are you sure that you've removed all instances of the Voodoo3 drivers from the registry etc??? this could be holding you back... Try the 6.47 detonators, they seem to give good all round performance And lastly, take 3dmark 2000 with a grain of salt... it doesnt mean anything in real world performance... much better to compare FPS scores with Q3 or similar

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    Like 600R said, you really have to be 100% sure that your 3DFX drivers are fully removed. Cos that can wreak havoc with your performance.

    Also make sure that your bios is properly set up for your GTS.
    Video shadow: Disabled
    Palette snoop: Disabled
    Video Cacheable: Disabled
    Video Ram Cacheable: Disabled

    Make you have 'assign irq to VGA' enabled

    In windows make sure that your GTS does not share its irq with any other card/device.

    A lot of people are finding the 6.49 drivers the best.
    Make sure that 3dMark is running Hardware T&L.

    EDIT BIT: Flash your bios as a LAST RESORT, if it goes wrong then your screwed.

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