Well first off I would like to say win2k has very little to do with it but not much, because my voodoo3 3000 I replaced got 3320 in 3dmark, so why in a geforce2 gts 32mb only getting 3500? Well I tried all the detonator, including the 7.xx and nothing helped. I then installed directx8 and it improved, and the best match with directx8 was the 7.04 driver. I think i then hit 3750 with that. Why the hell am I scoring SO low??? Its a creative labs card, is it defective? ALso I know i have the old bios 2.15xxxx
IF I FLASH IT WITH THE NEWER ONE, could that help??? where can I get that bios?

also here are my system specs
Creative labs geforce2 gts 32mb ddr
abit be6-II
30gig IBM 75gxp
256mb ram
sblive platinum

PLease help me

What are you standing there for??? Overclock that ****!!!!!!