Reflection Pool Experience Demo Problem!!!
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Thread: Reflection Pool Experience Demo Problem!!!

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    Reflection Pool Experience Demo Problem!!!

    Does anybody have a problem running this demo with a Creative annihlator 2? Everytime I try to run this demo, it gives me an error saying,

    This device lacks required capabilites.

    Has anybody experienced this problem? I'm really anxious to see this demo, and I don't want to miss out when I have a GTS card.

    Someone please help!!!!

    Win98 SE
    Athlon 550
    Asus K7M motherboard
    128 PC-100
    CL Annihilator 2 (6.34)
    Directx 8

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    You're not alone! I've downloaded a bunch of the Nvidia demos to try on my GeForce 2 MX and none of them work. They start up but after a few seconds of running I get hard lockups and have to power down/reset. I've updated my drivers since then but I've given up on the demos.

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