Via 4in1 driver question...
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Thread: Via 4in1 driver question...

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    Via 4in1 driver question...

    I have heard lots of people mention these when people say they are having slow performance or other problems with their video card. Are these only for AMD-based systems, because it seems like they only recommend them to people with Athlons or TBirds. My system is i815e chipset. Is there any similar driver I can download?

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    It's just the way Via do their mobo chipsets and they require drivers to work properly. Many poeple have never had a mobo before that requires chipset drivers so it gets overlooked during set-up and will cause a big performance hit using 3D graphics.

    I'm pretty sure your mobo doesn't require any drivers.

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    You have an Intel chipset, which is a lot less troublesome than the Via!
    Go to the web page of your mobo manufacturer and get the latest drivers for your chipest ( if there are any ).
    Dunno cos My mobo is a 440BX, and I'm not UP on the recent chipsets from Intel.

    If you mobo manufacturer doesnt show any then try the Intel web site, I've got chipset drivers from there B4.

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