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    DVD Video Display

    I have a toshiba dvd/cdrw drive. My problem is that DVD's are very choppy...all the people look like robots.

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    Are you using a software decoder or hardware decoder card? If it is software, make you your DMA is enabled for your drive. Also what are your specs?
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    If you use a software player to play dvd's on your pc, then ya gonna need a pretty nippy cpu to get smooth visuals.
    If you have a decent vid card, then that can sometimes help out. Mainly Geforces or ATI cards.
    You need to try a few different types of software players. people have different results with different players.
    A lot of folk like PowerDVD, but WinDVD works best for me, cos it supports the hardware assist that my Geforce gives. (forgot the proper name for it.

    Try here: www.7thzone.com

    You can find different players here to sample on a trial basis. Plus lots of advice for playing dvd on a PC.

    BTW: if you have a low end PC (vid card and cpu) then you could get a hardware player (Hollywood+) plug-in pci card that does all the work and doesnt depend on what cpu or vid card you have. They are not that pricey nowadays.

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    I have a toshiba dvd drive, using powerdvd software.

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    What processor do you have? If you are using PowerDVD then most likely you are using software decoding which its very processor intensive. I think that most people reccomend having at least a 300mhz (something like that, I could be a bit off) but frankly the higher the better. I use WinDVD with software decoding on a PIII 600 and it works pretty well. Also make sure that you are not running anything in the background as even pretty memory light programs can affect your playback. Side note, what version of WinDVD are you using Gasman. I'm looking to upgrade and I need some feelings on the newer versions.

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