what geforce is better?
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Thread: what geforce is better?

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    Dutch Woman Guest

    what geforce is better?

    a leadtek geforce(1)DDR or a creative geforce DDR pro? in terms of performance, overclockibility etc...

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    My understanding is that the Creative or ASUS are very well made cards. I've noticed like you that Leadtek for some reason is very popular amongst OEM builders and distributers in Australia, but personally if I was buying a Geforce I would give a preference to ASUS, Creative or Hercules. That's nothing at all against all the others - just my preference based on experience with the respective companies' products.

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    The deal with almost all geforces (DDR, GTS, and Mx) is that they are based on the nvidia reference designs, so there is almost no differences to the actual boards. Different companies produce boards that perform virtually identical. Choosing a geforce should really be based on 2 things: price, and software bundle. Don't buy your geforce just for the name, you'll pay more than you need to.

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    Deanril Guest
    The Creative seems better,but the leadtech has a bigger Heatsink and fan,if you are overclocking the card I would go with the Leadtech because of the heatsink,but if not overclocking I would go with the creative,they build nice parts.

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    Deanril Guest
    Although the creative does overclock very good,Im typing at 160/360 right now on my creative geforce DDR stock is 120/300 so thats a 33% on the core and 20% on the memory thats pretty good.that turns out to be a 640 fillrate and over 5.3 gb of bandwidth,not bad at all for this over one year old card.

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    Yes indeed, my creative geforce2 is a very stable and well performing card. Of course, you may pay a bit more the creative cards, but they're reliable!

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