Why is mine slower than others??
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Thread: Why is mine slower than others??

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    Why is mine slower than others??

    I was playing around with my bios and i found this feature that let me add my pci bus speed to my bus speed. I have a celeron 533o/c600 and my bus speed is at 75 so that makes it 112 for the ram and have Asus V7700 Well before that on 3dmark2k i was getting about 3886 and now i get about 4086. I just saw a guy post his score and with a 500celeron and a gforce 2mx he got a hundred more than i did. I also saw another guy with the same specs as me that got a 500 point increase on me. How can i make my score any higher without upgrading. I also have 256mgs of ram and i have the crappy version of the celeron A. I am also running on dx7. dx8 caused too many problems and geve me a performance hit. Is this right??

    Sure Why Not?
    Sure Why Not?
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    I wouldnt worry about a few hundred points here or there.
    There are so many things that can alter 3DMark results by a few hundred points, from bios settings, drivers, overclocking, AGP speed, FSB/AGP, memory speed, DX7/8, etc...

    If you spend the time and patience, it is possible to up the score, but it means trying a lot of different settings etc.. to find what is best for your pc.

    Trust me! I've spent ages looking through different settings to get 'optimal' performance.
    And still I see people with a near identical pc getting higher results, but its only a few hundred.

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    He's right... there are MANY variables that can influence a 3DMark2K score by a couple hundred points.

    Different versions of DirextX, different drivers, differenct card and BIOS settings, etc., etc... all of these things and MORE can (and do) influence 3DMark scores by several hundred points.

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