GeForce 2 (MX vs GTS)
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Thread: GeForce 2 (MX vs GTS)

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    GeForce 2 (MX vs GTS)

    What is the overall differance btween these cards? I assume the GeForce 2 GTS is better because of the $$$. Also, how does the GeForce 2 MX compare to the GeForce 256?

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    Before Hindey sees your post, can I just warn you that to him, GTS vs MX is a sensitive subject. I have a GTS, he has an MX. No doubt once he has read this reply to your post he will rattle on about there not being much price difference and how "i didn't buy my card, my mummy and daddy did" but just ignore him!

    I have had the pleasure of using both mine and his computers and at first glance, I would honestly say there is not much difference between the MX and the GTS. (Happy Hindey? ) However if you are planning to run games at 1280x1024x32, you will need the GTS! If you only want to play games at 1024x768x32 or 1152x864x16 then the MX is a good little card.

    I must also defend Hindey's MX by saying from what I've seen, it handles FSAA nearly as well as my GTS. Basically, the difference in performance is justified by the difference in price. I like the MX but I also like playing Unreal Tournament at 1152x864x16 with more than 35fps. The GTS is for hardcore gamers, people who strive for high frame rates or people who have the card bought for them even when the only asked for the original Geforce1 card like me(eh Hindey? hehe ) The MX is a good little card and at less around 100 it's a good buy considering the ageing Voodoo3 3000 is still 85+.

    Hindey, if you're reading this, don't go all sulky on me. I'm paying you a compliment! I was impressed with how good your MX actually is and having seen it put through the paces of Opengl and D3D programs, I feel I can form an accurate opinion.

    If it was my own money I was spending on a graphics card, I would buy the MX rather than the GTS because the MX is still a bloody good little card and supports Hardware T&L just like it's big brother. Also, like its big brother, the MX overclocks really well and I could live with Unreal Tournament at 1024x768x16 anyway

    Get the Geforce2:MX, bloody good little card! The original Geforce256 DDR does out perform the Geforce2:MX slightly in high colour depths but there were a lot of problems reguarding power accross the AGP port with Geforce256's and they aren't worth the extra money.

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