Video card to play DVDs
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Thread: Video card to play DVDs

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    Video card to play DVDs

    In a few months I hope to build a computer with a Duron 650 or 700 and I'll need an AGP video card. I don't do any gaming currently but would like to be able to play a F1 racing game, not caring if the game video is the absolute best as long as it runs.
    More important to me is photo editing capability and DVD movie playback. Before I get a card and find it is wrong for DVD, can someone tell me what I need? Do I always need a second card for DVD movie playback or do current cards incorporate that capability? And if I need a second card for DVD, would one of the 32mb nVidia TNT2 M64 cards work as my primary card? (Samsung 753DF 17" mon, maybe a 19" later) Needs to work in Win98SE and Linux.

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    as far as i've known, ATI has been the leader on stuff like this. With their video out capabilites, you can hook your dvd image up to a big tv!

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