Obviously, More power is good right? but don't you need to factor in the type of computer you have??? I want to get a video card, but I don't know if getting the top of the line card will make any difference, since my computer is not up to the current standards. I have a k-6 2 450 mhz video card. I currently have 128 megs of ram and 6 gigs of space. The current video card that I have is one of those "built-in graphics accelerator." So technically, I don't have a video card. there are now 1000 megahertz computers in the market, so my computer is old news. And along with the 1000 megahertz PCs, comes the voodoo 5000 video cards and such.

My pc is strictly for personal use. Some type of gaming and mainly internet use. Do you think I should get the most current video card and not worry about getting another one in 30 years, or shold I just stick to the 16 megs of video card.(lets say Voodoo 3 or some older card) Will there be a differnce in the 2 video cards for me, since my computer is not the best there is?? I"ve never had a video card before, so I don't know how much it will do to my pc. Can my computer even handle such a powerful card?(64 megs right?) jeez.

So, what should I do?? go with the current technology, or just stick with something a little cheaper?? by the way, the budget is a big thing too, but if It is a good deal, I"m willing to throw a little extra.

Oh, and please reccommend some cards. I don't have any idea what to get?? price? I kind want it between 100-130 or less.

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