Right now I have a geforce2 MX. I am really unpleased with this card. I just got about $170 for christmas and am trying to decide what card I should get.
1) Voodoo5 $170
2) Radeon DDR $150 or so
3) KYRO 64 mb $140

The voodoo5 is what i used to have and liked it very much. I just find myself questioning whether or not I should buy it what with the current situation. The radeon is good I hear, I just need some verification that I would see a performance/image quality boost. The kyro, I just threw in for the hell of it, since this 64 mb version is only $140. Im nervous about buying it because of support and compatability tho. Any opinions?

Yeah... bout' the only thing you wouldn't want to overclock, would be your clock...
Unless you just want to be early all the time..