I was just thinking that since I stare at my computer screen for near 8 hours at work, I should get a G400 or 450 card at my own expense and have the administrator install it. If I switch jobs, take it with me and either install it myself (taking a chance), or obtain permission for it to be installed. Everybody raves about the great 2D quality. I'm sure it's an investment that will serve me for years and years. I wouldn't consider it for home since I am a gamer and I already have a Geforce (but I may stick it in to see how it compares).

So what card should I get? Isn't the G450 supposed to be an improvement over the G400? Heck, the G400 hasn't dropped much in price. Didn't somebody here say the G400 is better for gaming? Is the image quality of the G450 as good or better than the G400?