video card problem?
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Thread: video card problem?

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    video card problem?

    grey shadow lines are extending to the screen edges from any text or highlighted areas. could this video card be going bad? I haven't changed any settings to cause this and I have not overclocked this card. card is installed on an abit be-6 ]not 2 ] mb. Have switched monitors, same problem! Please recommend a better vd. card, agp if thoughts are this card might be going bad. thanks. in previos post I forgot to mention I have an nvidia riva m-64 agp. sorry. please respond

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    Sorry, your card is f*cked! Time to get a new one! It's out-dated now anyway. The Geforce2 MX's are going to be less than 100 after Xmas so you'd be better off just waiting until the new year and buying one of them. It's a really good investment. If you've got money to burn, you could buy a Geforce2:GTS like me because they are only about 180 - 200 now.

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