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Thread: BEST BUY for your $$$$$

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    Deanril Guest

    BEST BUY for your $$$$$

    Is the GeForce DDR with a 480 fill rate and 4.8GB/s of bandwidth its your best buy.

    Also last years technology.

    Price $97

    For $97 it Can't be beat..

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    The Geforce 2 MX would be pretty comparable at mid res, slower at high res, and faster at low res. I would still take the MX because I have an SS7 system and think that Twinview is great.

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    Deanril Guest
    I guess I must explain further..........

    I can bring more in if your not satisfied,but that statement above is incorrect.

    Remember we are talking $97 not $124 for a twin view.


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    Deanril Guest
    As you can see across the board,for $97 you Can't buy a better card,infact all these people waisting their money on the MX,are doing just that waisting their money.

    The GeForce DDR is a Steal at $97

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    Actually, people aren't buying the first Gen cards simply because of all the compatability problems. Thats why I did it...I have KT7 and wasn't about to **** around with those cards. Those cards consumed a lot of power, caused a lot of problems( with chipsets), and put off too much heat. Hell, even BX owners wree complaining. So is the MX a waste of money? I think not..they are some of the best budget buys for video cards. I would assume that any dummy can read a benchmark, but it takes a smart guy to figure out why Nvidia dropped the Geforce from its product line


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    Again Deanril???

    How many times are you going to put up the same bench from Anandtech? The MX is almost as good with last years games and better on this years games. Look at this again:

    This is an MX and on MDK2 it is much faster than the GeFarce. Wasn't MDK2 a game that came out after Q3? Newer technology=better results. Stop trying to twist the facts as only a true Democrat, like yourself, will.
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    Mx-6... grow up.

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    I had a Geforce 1, but would never buy another, I'm sure the GPU glowed and it was a power hungry card, It was an initial Creative DDR card and the drivers were very poor as well at that time. .18 micron is how the GPU should have been in first revision IMO.

    Mx is my standard system build card now. (was V3 2K)

    Announcement to all

    Also I'm going to remind people here this is a DISCUSSION forum about Video cards and Displays. Please all read the AUP as I will just start deleting topics without any warning if the general *****ing in threads like this doesn't stop. It is not something I want to do so please don't force my hand

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    Deanril Guest
    What are you talking about BladeRunner

    *****ing??? Please dont start sheeet where there isnt any.

    If anyones needs deleting its yours,and why is that,Because while "*****ing" can be used on TV nowadays,its NOT appropriate.

    Think of it this way when you start to post a messege,Is this messege perfectly ok for a 8-10 year old.Thats what I do,otherwise you will have a 8-10 year old come in here read a little(geek out a little) and say to himself,"*****ing" is a cool word,and there it goes,its the small words that get them started,before long hes saying the worst word of them all.

    All because he read your postBladeRunner

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    Deanril Guest
    Now back to my post.

    You guys can sit there and say this,BUT this is the fastest card for $97 !!!

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the card.

    Zakar they droped it from the product line!!!! Well I would hope so,my god they now have a GeForce2 at .18 why would they want to keep around the GeForce ,lolololol

    I have installed this card in MANY MANY systems over the past year.sure sure at first drivers were a problem,but currently we are at 7.17(dx8 user) and this problem you speek of is LONG LONG GONE.

    Face it people sit there and moan and groan,but this card Rock the House for $97,and is FULLY compatable,and SMOKES the MX like a cheap cigarete............

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    Deanril is right. At the "eye candy" resolutions, the DDR spanks the MX. I don't know why anybody pays any attention to those 640x480 16-bit color benchmarks anyway. Today's gamers are running at least 1024x768 on 17" or larger monitors. And, once you've got a DDR, you'll go with 32-bit color and never go back.

    I've been running a 3D Prophet DDR-DVI since May it runs any game at 1024x786 in 32-bit color flawlessly. I figure I'll get another year out of it before my next upgrade. Most of the problems with GeForce DDRs where on older Athlon and Socket 7 motherboards. If you've got one of them, a GeForce2 MX or GTS is probably a better idea. But you can't beat a GeForce DDR for $97 in a price/performance evaluation.
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    Deanril Guest
    I first used my Creative Labs GeForce DDR on my K63 system,this was on a P5ab and I overclocked the gpu by 25%,whenI first bought it,it would crash in Q3 ,but after about a month,that was it.I also overclocked the Gpu by 33%,one would think this would make so much heat and draw so much power,nope worked flawlessly overclocked in a SS7 board,and works flawlessly in my current KT7-Raid board.

    And has worked Flawlessly in all of these boards,off the top of my head.

    asus a7v
    abit kt7-raid
    fic az11
    msi k7t pro
    abit be6-II
    asus p3??
    tyan trinity 400
    msi 6153va

    everyboard Iv tried,it works,no compatability problems from my observations,except for like a year ago.

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    One thing you must look at though is that it generates a lot of heat and uses a lot more power. Some people just want something simple to throw in the case. Of coarse the GeForce2 GTS is about $80 more. This price drop for the GeForce1 is probably a sign the NV20 is coming. The GeForce1 line will likely drop from the face of the planet and the GeForce2 will slide down a notch, leaving room for the GeForce3 GTS. Next fall the GeForce2 GTS will likely be replaced with a GeForce3 MX and the TNT2 Vanta will be replaced with the GeForce2 MX.

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    Originally posted by Deanril:
    Um...........I have used a Maxx first hand,about a month ago have you??? No,you havent,so do even make some **** up.
    I played UT,Quakes3 SOF,MCM2 and TRIBES,and a few other,all very smooth and fast.
    On your morality values the above is an acceptable word then? I'm not going to argue with you.

    I enjoy these forums discussions, but not the bickering, it has slipped in generally recently, so once again I ask "Please" if people will be nice to each other and discuss not fight. I prefer to be seen as member than a moderator

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    Deanril Guest
    HEHE,I try to use Sheeet,point well taken.

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