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Thread: Diamond V770 & Win ME

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    Diamond V770 & Win ME


    I have a Diamond V770 AGP card with 16Mb RAM. It's work correctly under Win98, but doesn't work under Win98SE or WinME with the driver which shipping with the card. I can't find newer driver in Diamond/S3 homepage. Please help me! Thx!

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    Just download the reference detonators from NVIDIA's website.

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    Depending on your processor you may want to try 3.84 or 5.22 and well as 6.3x detonator drivers (last Diamond drivers were based around 3.68 but I don't know which one's came with your card)

    If you've got a socket7 (K6-x, PentiumMMX) then use 3.84 or 5.22. Don't bother trying 6.3x (or any other 6.xx) with socket7

    most detonator drivers are available from www.reactorcritical.com

    PS. Detonator is Nvidia's name for the reference drivers.

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    I have a Diamond viper 550 and the latest drivers from NVIDIA site didn't work for me in WinME.
    So I downloaded beta drivers from www.reactorcritical.com.
    They are the 6.49's and worked ok.
    Please reply this message if someone had this problem.
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