What does FPU mean?
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Thread: What does FPU mean?

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    What does FPU mean?

    Okay this may sound really stupid but what does FPU actually stand for, I'm getting a GeForce 2 MX PCI, and it seems to have low T&L Performance but it showed on viahardware.com if you use the celerons FPU to do T&L in D3D, it increases the performance nicly, would this only work on a newer Celeron (FC-PGA) with SSE like they used on the test or would it work on my Celeron 500 (PPGA) without SSE. I don't know if the link will help but here it is: http://www.viahardware.com/pcimx5.shtm


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    Floating Point Unit. It is calculating fractions rather than integers. It plays a huge role in games and 3d rendering. That's what makes the Athlon/Duron great for games.

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