Riva TNT2 problems
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Thread: Riva TNT2 problems

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    Riva TNT2 problems

    I'm running a Riva TNT2 on my PII, problem is, I can't get anything to run in 3d. I'm using DirectX7a and the latest detonator drivers.

    Most games don't even give me the choice of choosing a 3d card, just primary display adapter. The pc manufacturer has disabled the onboard 2d chip, and I can't change it in the bios.

    Any ideas?

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    What games are you playing? Loads of games have trouble with the TNT chipset, from TNT original all the way up to the latest GeForce 2 Ultra. Some games have patches for this. Otherwise, upgrade to DX8, and get the latest drivers from Nvidia.

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    I had a similar problem, When trying to run ANY aplication that need OPENGL or Direct3d, My PC freezes.
    But using the drivers (version, 12/30/1999) with the new ones, fixed ALL!!

    If u cant find those drivers, I'll be glad to give it to you.

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    The TNT2 is the primary display driver. You have the option of changing card in case you have a voodoo2 (which is an additional 3D card to site along side your existing 2D card).
    www.reactorcritical.com has a wide range of detonators available

    What type of motherboard is it and what chipset does it have on? (BX ? SiS ? VIA ?) If it's a non-Intel chipset then remember to install the latest AGP miniport driver for that chipset.

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    I think Blinky is right. The primary display adapter is the TNT2 card. If your onboard card is already disabled in windows what ever program you run in windows will detect your TNT2 card not the onboard 2D card

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