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Thread: The best video card,IMHO

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    Feb 1999
    Reviving a thread that has been dead for over 6 months? Well, ok, the picture does look pretty, awesome resolution, but even at that high a resolution, I'm still seeing pretty obvious jaggies, especially on the tower and on the steps. Obviously they are less noticeable when you are running around fragging, but FSAA really cleans things up at much lower res. I never got the impression that Morealin said your card couldn't hit that res, just that it probably wouldn't get great frame rates and that he felt, as I do, you'd get better results with lower res and FSAA enabled, though that is more of a subjective matter. So I guess I'm not sure what you want him to concede to, but maybe I'm missing something. Either way, it is an impressive result from that card. One question, do you normally play at that resolution? I suspect not, because it's probably not that playable.

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    Deanril Guest
    By all means NO,I dont play at this resolution,I remember the fight distinkly and he said that the GeForce 2(GTS2) could not do it at all,and my GeForce does it,and not to awful bad,but IM pretty sure a GTS2 will play pretty good,remember this is 16bit not 32,and actualy Ive done the math and it will do it.Mine obviously does.

    It looks real smooth while playing,the screen shot does not depict this too well.

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    Deanril Guest
    In addition,this is at FULL everything,I normally play at 1280x1024x32 everything maxed,so all I did was switch to 16bit and 16 bit,and 2048x1536,again textures full geometry full all options on.I say pretty impressive,and this is a gf1

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    Not to continue sensless arguements but, here's a quote from Moraelin's first response to your original post:
    "You can play, no doubt at that value, but you'll be frag bait."
    Since you say you don't use that res for play, I'm guessing it's because "you'll be frag bait" if you did. Therefore I would say you both agree. Can you feel the love?

    According to you, it was the article that you linked to that said
    "They say in the quick article that the GeForce 2 GTS could not do this..." So, you certainly proved them wrong in that respect.

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    Deanril Guest
    well....It stuck in my mind that it couldnt do it,but after re reading,he didnt say exactly that.its been 6 months.....

    I will reduce textures to 3/4 and geometry down one notch from full and do some benches.

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