Today I read this article on the 3dfx v6 playing quake 3 at 2048X1536X16 ,kindof amazing if you think about it,but its not this card I love,its my GeForce DDR.

I was wondering how my GeForce would do at my monitors max resolution(1600x1200)so I said WTF,usually I play at 1156x864.And I play high quality,32bit,and 32bit textures and geometry at full.

So to my amazement ,it not only played,but it played extremely well at that resolution,when i would get into a fight,with 2 or more it would drop to 25 fps,and that was pretty much the bottom ,most of the time my FPS were around 40-50 fps=very playable.

Now waht I am amazed about is,when I first bought it I tryed 1600x1200 which was a joke,but the drivers have matured SO much along with texture compression,that 1600x1200 is now very achievable.

And my GOD does it ever look pretty,Im thinking if I had a monitor that would go up to 2048X1536X16 I could play aswell,im doing REAL well at 1600x1200x32 think about when I switch to 16bit as they did with the v6.

have a look at 1600x1200 16 bit benches are more than a 50% difference.

They say in the quick article that the GeForce 2 GTS could not do this,I think they are wrong,and havent even tried this.

My Geforce is o/ced a bit which gives me the excellant performance,but this card has been good to me,and with the new drivers keeps getting better and better.

My GeForce is at 150 core and 350 memory and is coupled with a (get this) a K63-460 and 192 meg .

I wanted to share this so if there are some people out here withe a Geforce DDR you may wish to overclock a little and use the 5.14 drivers that I am using and start playing at 1600x1200 its beautiful!