Is my system setup right?
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Thread: Is my system setup right?

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    Is my system setup right?

    I just installed an Asus v7100 GF2 MX. It's worlds better than the 16 mb TNT I used to have but I wonder if I can get more out of the Asus card.

    My 3DMark scores are 3496 @1024x768-16 and 2833 @1024x768-32. Can't I do better than this?

    System specs: P3 450 cpu, ABit BE-6 (version 1) mobo, 196 mb ram, Win98SE os.

    What's the first thing you would do to boost performance?

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    the first thing would to get a new CPU, no, thats it go get it now.

    AMD Duron 700MHz, BCM-bc133kt, 128mbRAM,
    Annihilator 2, Soundblaster LIVE!,Windows ME
    Athlon XP1600 @1.4 GHz,Asus A7V266-E, 256mb DDR-RAM,
    Annihilator 2, Soundblaster LIVE!,Windows XP
    30gb Maxtor 7200rpm

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    Those scores sound pretty much as high as you'll get given your CPU. I just ran 3DM2K @1028x768x16 last night and benched 3,516. Of course, I am still running a TNT2U, so my score should be considerably better when I make the upgrade to GF2. Good Luck

    Apex MidTower w/250W P/S
    Tyan Trinity 400, Rev. 4, BIOS 1.07
    FC-PGA 500E @ 700(5 X 140 @ 1.7V)
    MS 6905 Rev. 2 Master Slocket
    Global Win FKP-32
    Micron 128MB PC100 @ 140 (Cas3) SDRAM
    Xentor32 TNT2U @169/185
    15.3GB DiamondMax Plus 40, ATA66, 7200rpm HDD
    SBLive! Value
    Windows '98FE
    DirectX 8.0 Beta

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