RADEON-ers! Help solve MidtownMadness2 sky trouble.
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Thread: RADEON-ers! Help solve MidtownMadness2 sky trouble.

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    RADEON-ers! Help solve MidtownMadness2 sky trouble.

    I have the latest official Radeon driver (not beta) and DirectX8.

    With MM2 I have black and yellow triangles in the sky (maybe, those are clouds ). I have heard there are some 7050 or 7020 betas - do they solve such issues?

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    T-Bird 900@Asus A7V, 256Mb Siemens PC-133, 30Gb IBM ATA-100, 64Mb Radeon VIVO, SB Live! Platinum, 17" Samsung 750p

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    Try the 7020's. They may solve your problems and appear to be the best drivers at this time. Get them at www.reactorcritical.com or www.rage3d.com

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