Right, hope someone can let me know what's goin on with this DVD malarkey! First off, here's my set-up at the moment:-

PIII 800 (o/c to 904) MHz
128MB Crucial 100Mhz
ABIT BE6-II v2.0
Adaptec 29160 Ultra160 SCSI
4.3GB Ultra-Wide SCSI HD
24/4/4 CD-R/RW EIDE
12x CD-R SCSI Wide
Voodoo 3 AGP 1000 (yep "1" thousand)
AWE64 Gold ISA
15" (hah!) glare-free monitor

Right then... so you can see I need some more storage, so I'll get a Quantum Atlas V 18GB Ultra160 beast or something and maybe a 40GB UltraDMA/100 as well. The AWE64 is holdin out but I could do with more ins/outs so I think a Live! Platinum 5.1 will do the business there. A Marvel G400-TV will sort out the graphics a bit - not too arsed about games, just video editing for a laugh (stickin animation w/ music onto VHS and messin with a few choice video clips from my mates camcorder).

- The Platinum 5.1 supports Dolby Digital out
- The Marvel has DVD playback (in software?)

So here's the question(s) (finally!):

Can I just buy any old DVD-Rom?
Does the audio (stream or whatever) coming from the DVD drive go along the DMA bus or what?

Compyootuhs?! Kyuh! Didn't 'ave compyootuhs back in mah dehh!