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Thread: video card advice..

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    video card advice..

    Hello all.someone offer to me a very good deal on the following video card but I need a such advice to which one to buy :
    1)Diammond viper v770 32MB ,AGP bus,ultra OEM .
    2)VOODOO3/3000 16MB AGP,No tv out .
    I know the Gforce 2MX is the best ,but as I said I have only deal on the above videos..BTW:Runing win 98 ,FIC-Va-503+vp3 board ,K6-2/350MHZ CPU...thanks in advance.

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    Of the 2 cards you mentioned I would take the Voodoo 3 3000. but what is the asking price? that card can be had new for 69.00 online

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    He'd take the v3000 bu I'd take the v770 ultra without question because it is much faster and unless all you play is glide games you will not notice any difference in visuals. Especially since the v770 is 32meg and the voodoo3000 is 16meg. It's not even close.
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    I agree with mx-6*, the V3 is a great card, but is easily outclassed by the TNT2Ultra. How much are they both?

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    While the 32 MB TNT2 Ultra is unquestionably the better video card, it won't work well with your K6-2 350. The TNT2 is more processor dependent than the Voodoo3 3000 and the slow CPU will hold it back. So, in your system, the Voodoo3 3000 will give better performance.

    But, why not upgrade to a faster K6-2 at the same time? Or a nice K6-III 450+? Right now you can pick up a K6-2 550 for $58 and the K6-III 450+ for $60. You can easily O/C the K6-III 450+ to 550 MHz or better and it is a faster chip than the K6-2. IMO, if you have the cash, you should take the TNT2 Ultra and upgrade your CPU. Maybe you could get the CPU upgrade as a Christmas gift.

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    I would go with voodoo3, although I am not sure if it runs opengl games good.

    Your cpu is the limit factor here and voodoo3 is not very CPU dependent comparing with that TNT card.

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