D D R - ram or S D R - ram ? ? ?
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Thread: D D R - ram or S D R - ram ? ? ?

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    D D R - ram or S D R - ram ? ? ?

    I own a PII 266mhz (overclocked to 412mhz),128 ram, win98, soltek62c mobo and a
    geforce2mx board with 32 SDR-ram + tv-out.

    Now I'm able to buy me a geforce2mx with DDR-ram for a really good price.

    Is the difference any noticable from sdr to ddr-ram ???
    With 3dmark2000 I scored 3372.

    The framerate isn't quite good enough for me when I played the "hitman game demo"..
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    if u mean the creative it is ddr ram but only 64bit wide where as the sd cards are 128 wide so the proformance is virtualy identical if not a bit slower

    go to http://pub24.ezboard.com/bultrabytecomputingforum
    allways happy to help

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    The DDR Mx's are actually Slower than the standard Mx's.

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