asus 7700 geforce 2 & KT7Raid problems
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Thread: asus 7700 geforce 2 & KT7Raid problems

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    asus 7700 geforce 2 & KT7Raid problems

    Hi everyone.
    Just built my system and everything is fine except for one hair tugging problem: video.

    When I try to load the Asus Cdrom drivers for my Asus 7700 geforce 2 pure card I am denied when this little bugger comes up:

    No Asus graphics card found or Windows boots in safe mode.
    Please reboot and try again.

    I am quite sure that the card is in place properly as I have removed and inserted a few times. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Just use the NVidia reference drivers. They're way better than the Asus ones, and you'll really see the difference.

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