Visiontek Geforce 2 GTS it any good?
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Thread: Visiontek Geforce 2 GTS it any good?

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    Visiontek Geforce 2 GTS it any good?

    This card is very cheap comparing to the other brands...does it worth it?
    Would it be better if I buy an Asus V7100? (i don't think so, but anyways..)
    If you have this card, give me your opinion about it!

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't have it, but... all GTS's are supposed to be faster than all MX's. An MX is supposed to be between the DDR and the SDR performance-wise (haven't used it though, so I dont know)

    Impossible? Watch me.
    Impossible? Watch me.

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    Not too good. I used to run the Nvidia T&L demo (wxp demo). After I have the machine on for several days, when I re-run the demo it gives me a yellow screen. I removed the demo and reinstalled it, still a yellow screen. Switched to a different card, the demo runs fine although have rendering problems (not nvidia card). So it means the visiontek became defective after several days. It runs other games fine (those do not use T&L). And it runs the tree demo.

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