I just bought myself a used Voodoo 3 2000 Agp card. My prob is that my comp locks up on a random basis, it can take 1 to 10 min before it locks up. Ihad no problem before i installed the V3 card.

I have tried it both under win98 and win Me but it locks up anyway.

The vard shares an IRQ with a IRQ Holder for PCI steering (supoused to be there??)

Theonly thing i can think if is that the V3 card gets overheated or something??

DirectX that came with win Me (7.1??)
P!!! 450Mhz
96 Mb RAM
VIA cipset on motherboard (all the latest drivers)
1.06.00 driver on the V 3 card
Can anybody help me??? i have almost given up this thing.... Any comments can be posted here or emailed at: