Creative GeForce2 GTS + Diablo 2 = Desktop
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Thread: Creative GeForce2 GTS + Diablo 2 = Desktop

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    Creative GeForce2 GTS + Diablo 2 = Desktop

    I just replaced my Abit VT6X4 with my Abit BH6 motherboard because of serious conflicts with my Geforce 2 and VT6X4. Everything works except Diablo2, the video test works without a glitch, but in the game when u start a new game, instead of seeing the level loading up where the large door opens, its just a black screen and you hear a "beep"(a windows error sound)...hit esc a couple times and im at my desktop. Anyone have this combo working?, i have tried using Detonator 5.45, 6.18, 6.31, and 6.47, windows reinstall, and game reinstall

    P3 750MHz, 256ram Abit BH6 (latest bios)
    Creative Geforce2 GTS
    SB Live
    Maxtor 20gig
    SupraExpress V.90

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    COME-ON, NOBODY???????????

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    Try checking out the site below

    Also there some known issues between the SB live and the geforce.A friend of mine had simalar problems with his g-force, just by moving slots cured the problem.

    good luck.

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