Ok I am thinking of buying a new video card. My main criteria is the value/performance ratio. I narrowed my options down to the following:

1. Some sort of a Geforce2 MX card with 183 MHZ SDR
It's the cheapest solution allright... and I could get TV out with it... but I am not sure just how long I'll be happy with it's performance.

2. Radeon with 32 MB of 166 MHZ DDR
Quite a bit faster than the MX, but also more expencive. Is the performance difference worth it? And the version that I can afford has no TV output

3. Wait a bit and get a DDR version MX.
Now this would sound like a plan, except for I am not at all sure that DDR with 64 bit memory is going to be all that much faster than SDR with 128 bit.

What do you guys think? Which one should I go for? Any other alternatives? (keep in mind i do not have much more that 200 bucks to spare )

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