Two computers, one monitor?
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Thread: Two computers, one monitor?

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    Two computers, one monitor?

    I want to take my old 486 and install Linux on it, but would like to use the same monitor for both of my computers. Is there a hardware switch or something else out thre that would allow me to switch back and fourth between each computer while using the same monitor. What about the keyboard and mouse also?


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    You can get a special T switch (Digitus make one, but there must be others too) which has twin PS2s (mouse and keys) and one VGA connector on the back, allowing you to have 2 boxes connected up to one moitor keyboard and mouse, I use one at work they rock.

    If you don't have PS2 keyboard and mouse, I'm sure you can either find an AT version or use addaptors, it'll cose you areound 20-30 I think.

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    you can get switching boxes which allow you to connect multiple computers to one monitors (often used with servers). Not sure if you can get the same things for keyboards and mice though. Keyboards and mice are so cheap though it would probably be cheaper to get a 2nd hand keyboard and a mouse than get a switching box for those

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