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Thread: Can a Voodoo 3 2k be linked to my old SiS6215c 2MB card?

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    I have 2 ISA 128K video mem cards, go figure...


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    ISA Video cards!! I remember those...

    1meg isa
    0.5meg isa


    I used to have a VESA 2Meg ATi Mach64 which rocked, and I bought it for about $5 when it was new (They were supposed to cost about $200).

    I have a 1 Meg VESA, but it's not in use. (thankfully).
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    Does it matter
    Originally posted by equinoxe3d:

    To see your framerate while playing, just download FRAPS at It is a cool little program that supports Direct3D and 3dfx Glide...
    Can this FRAPS utility be used with NFS and other games. I tries with NFS but nothing happened!!! Can anybody help.

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