Went to Frys hardware....They have a deal on the 32 MB DDR Radeon, $190 less $50.00 MIR.

Came home, deleted every trace of my lovely GeForce drivers - rebooted, ATI drivers won't install.

I have (had) DX8 beta, so figure that's problem....use uninstaller, reboot (you know I would, try again. uhuh.

Installed DX7...OK, now we're geting somewhere. Driver loads, boot - locks up solid.

Back to safe mode, fiddle with driver settings, reboot. Crap, locks up.

Take out ATI drivers, load GeForce - I'm back in heaven.

Never again ATI.

Sorry if I've offended anyone, but I should have known better. I went to ATI's web site before loading, looking for latest & greatest Radeon drivers. Nooooooo, there on the CD...you know what that means - they're already obsolete.

One mans Radeon experience.