Vision Tek's GF 2 GTS or Creative's GF 2 GTS
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Thread: Vision Tek's GF 2 GTS or Creative's GF 2 GTS

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    Vision Tek's GF 2 GTS or Creative's GF 2 GTS

    Whats the difference with the Vision Tek's GF 2 GTS ($175) and the Creative Labs GF 2 GTS ($200). Both of them dont have TV-OUT, but then whats the difference,, does the Creative one have some software in the package that I dont want, or is it more than that?

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    The creative one os more because of brand name. They are probably identical its just that creative is a bigger company and more well known so they will charge more. I think you would do good to save the extra $ and go with visionteks.

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    I have never read a review on Visiontech GeForce Cards... I would go with the Creative. They probably have a better software bundle that comes with it too not to mention their great driver updates.
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