DriectX7 problem on ELSA Gladiac?
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Thread: DriectX7 problem on ELSA Gladiac?

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    DriectX7 problem on ELSA Gladiac?

    Has anyone had any problem with the latest ELSA drivers for the Gladiac (geforce2 GTS) card?...Only I've found that I can only play directX games with the refresh rate set to adapter default (and not optimal) without the monitor losing sync. Also the diagnositics tool that comes with directX7a hangs without fail (taking the whole system down) when you test direct draw and direct 3D...

    Anyone got any ideas?

    BTW I've also tried the latest Nvidia reference drivers and I'm currently running with AGPX4 disabled and fast writes off...Still just as flakey!


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    In my opinion the new Elsa drivers suck, they are based off of the det 5.xx's. Go to the Nvidia sight and get the Det 3's or go here if you want to try all of the drivers and pick the best. I currently use the 6.35's. http://zoiah.m3dzone.com/

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