Overclocking the 3D Prophet 2 MX?
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Thread: Overclocking the 3D Prophet 2 MX?

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    Overclocking the 3D Prophet 2 MX?

    Hey, how far can the 3D Prophet2 MX be overclocked (both memory and core) without any special cooling?

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    Well, I dont know exactly about your cards overclocking margins, but many cards can do 15-20 MHz more without any special cooling (like a socket 7 fan on it). But after that they often get game-crashing problems.
    So, why dont you test? It wont damage your card for sure, it would be damaged if you would run it on a high overclocked speed/without cooling a LONG time, so no worries to test it in some 2-3 hours of Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament playing And see if it crashes.

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    Anthrax, check out this article: www.anandtech.com/showdoc.html?i=1268&p=5 at

    I just ordered a Blue orb from www.coolerguys.com and plan on maxing out my 3D prophet Geforce2MX afterward.


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    I got a little heatsink thing from coolerguys; put it on my generic GF2 MX card; it's doing fine at 220MHz, and seems to want more. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a good utility to get it to go higher; nVidia's overclocking tab only goes up to 220.

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    Well I think I got a bad one. I bought a retail and I can only take the mem. to 205. when it goes higher 3dmark doesn't display properly, quake and other games have no problems though. I don't know if I should take it higher or just be happy with that. My case is small and cramped maybe an atx would help this. thoughts


    You raised in a barn? Shut the door!
    You raised in a barn? Shut the door!

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    Your results are right on. Don't expect much more from your MX unless you go to extreme cooling measures. Remember that heat is not the only roadblock to overclocking! There is also an electrical property (can't remember the exact name) that limits how high you can go!

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    I've been wondering about the overclocking potential with these MX cards myself. So far, i like the Asus card simply because it comes with a heatsink attached to the chipset.

    The BIG QUESTION that I have is "OEM or RETAIL?" I've heard that some people are getting better overclocking with the retail version (and the 6ns sdram). However, $150 for the retail card is a bit overpriced since Geforce2 DDR cards are about $50 more now.

    Any good experiences with overclocking OEM versions. If so, please comment (if possible, please include memory speed/type)


    I wish I had the money for some Rambus, I sure wouldn't buy it
    I wish I had the money for some Rambus, I sure wouldn't buy it

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