Seems as though many people've been having problems with games and/or Windows freezing with all Radeon DDR cards and the KT133 chipset. If you've been having these problems, try this..

Download the newest version of DirectX you can (even if you have the newest version). Download the newest Radeon drivers. Download the AGP VxD driver for your motherboard.

Now, do this..

Remove the Radeon driver (along with any other video drivers you may have on your system). Restart the computer and go into your BIOS and make sure that "AGP 4X" is disabled. Go into Safe Mode. Double click on the AGP VxD driver extraction program and select "Uninstall AGP VxD Driver" or whatever it says (should say "Install in Turbo Mode, Install in Standard Mode, and Uninstall VxD Driver). After this, reset and go back into regular mode.

Make sure that Windows doesn't load the Radeon drivers automatically (in other words, be in Windows without any display drivers). Try to install DirectX (it might say that you already have the newest version after it extracted files, but that's okay; the extracted files aren't cleaned up off of the system and that's one of the things that's causing these problems). Even if it says that you didn't have to install it, it might ask you to reset anyway. DON'T RESET. Now load the Radeon drivers.

After the Radeon drivers are loaded and you're back in Windows, try to install DirectX one more time exactly like before. It'll probably tell you to restart again, so go ahead and do that.

That's exactly what I did and I'm having no problems whatsoever anymore (before, all of my games would freeze and Windows would also freeze after running for about an hour). If this doesn't help, post a reply.